20 Best Board Games For Tweens

My tweens love to play games! We regularly have game night and are always looking for games that we can all play together. Finding board games for tweens that are not electronic can be a challenge! Here is a list of games that any tween would put the electronics away to play!

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Best Board Games For Tweens

Playing games as a family is tons of fun, but these games can also be played with friends, at a party or in the classroom. Games are a great way to bring a group of people together for some laughter and fun. Games give a group something to focus on and can let the conversation flow, perfect for any family with tweens. 

Benefits of Playing Board Games as Tweens

  • Show off your talents!
  • Creates a fun time where memories are made!
  • Helps tweens work within a group
  • A healthy way to learn about winning and losing.

How To Pick The Right Game:

When finding the right board games for tweens you want to consider the following. 

  • Group Size: Some games are perfect for small numbers, and others are best for larger groups. Tailor your selection based on how many people are playing, and if more people are needed to create teams.
  • Age Limits: While these games can be played by kids to adults, some younger tweens may have a hard time understanding the rules and the game will not be as fun. Choose a game that will allow everyone to play and feel comfortable. 
  • Budget Friendly: Most families have games already in their closet, but if not choose games that you know or have played with others so that your purchase does not go to waste. Ask around your neighborhood to see if other families have games to try out before you purchase one for yourself. Or grab one off this list of tried and true favorites! 

Best Board Games For Tweens

Here are 20 of the best board games for tweens that will keep them happy for hours playing with their friends or family! Ready, set, play! 

Classic Board Games


Monopoly is a great game to introduce business to your young tweens. This teaches money management and economics. It’s also an old classic. Any tween will have fun playing this game!


“Boom boom, your ship is sunk.” Sinking battleships is the goal of this game. It’s also a game of strategy. Who will be the first to sink the ships of the other person? The only way to know is by playing this game.


This is a game all about who can get down to one card the fastest. The player then must yell UNO! when they have achieved that goal. This is definitely another classic game.

Uno Dare

This is Uno but with a twist. It’s also a game of dares! These Uno dares are super age-appropriate and fun. This is one of my personal favorite games. 


Jenga is a game of towers and building. Using one finger, you have to push the block off the tower. Whoever makes the tower tumble loses! It takes precision and a good eye. Have a go at it!


This game is all about using clues to find out who was murdered, with what, and in which room. This was one of my favorite games growing up. Miss Scarlett was my favorite character!


This was one of my favoriate games growing up and I have passed that love onto my children. We love to play The Game of Life together! Send your car around the board game going to college, getting married, buying a house, and having children. The player with the most money at the end wins! Just watch out for that falling tree!

Card Games for Tweens

Exploding kittens

Exploding Kittens is such a good tween game. It’s fun and super suspenseful. Who will get the bomb that explodes the kitten as the name says? The only way to know is by playing this game. 

Apples to Apples

Apple to Apples is a fun game where you complete the sentence. You have to match the card to the game card. Whatever card finishes the sentence by popular vote is the winner of the card!

What Do You Meme (family edition)

What Do You Meme is a matching game. You have to match the picture to the description. The judge then decides which match was the best!

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is definitely full of laughs. The same sequence of words must be repeated and whoever messes it up has to take the stack of cards in the middle! The goal of the game of course is to have no cards in your hand!

Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito is a family favorite! This game is a cross between a card game and dodgeball! Two foam burritos are placed in the middle of playing area and players draw cards looking for matches of three. Accumulate points for every match, but watch out, you can close points if someone plays a burrito card. When a burrito card is played players throw the foam burritos at other players, watch out! If you are hit with a burrito you lose points. 

Family Favorites


Telestrations is an artsy game. Ideally, you would have to have pretty good drawing skills. But! This game is very fun for people who DON’T have good drawing skills. It’s part mystery in that you are guessing what the other person drew!

Ticket to Ride

The goal of Ticket to Ride is to claim a path between two cities on a map and score points. Perfect for fans of Settlers of Catan! Be prepared to play the long game with this game! 


Blokus is a great puzzle game. Based on personal experience, this game really takes some thinking. It’s a little bit like Tetris, but better! 


Scattergories is the perfect game that might even increase vocabulary. It’s played with a timer and a pencil and paper. The goal of this game is to think up the word for each category that starts with the assigned letter. This will for sure be a crowd-pleaser. If more Scattergories fun try Winter Scattergories, Christmas Scattergories, or even Scattergories for Kids

You’re on Mute

You’re on Mute is a game that has a literal screen magnifying your mouth! In the last round, it is your turn to be on mute! 

Know it or Blow it

Know it or Blow It is a fun and very competitive game! You have to know the answer to the trivia question or lose the turn! You better get your thinking cap on for this one!

The Logo game

The Logo Game is for 2-6 players of any age! It’s super entertaining and theres all sorts of trivia about logos that needs to be known for this game! 


Cranium is played with two teams of two players or more.Consisting of mini activities to do during every turn. Teams compete to finish their tasks first! That definitely keeps things interesting. 

Have a favorite board game for tweens that wasn’t on the the list? Let us know in the comments below why it is your favorite!

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